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A broken windshield compromises your safety in two ways. First, continuous pressure could turn a measly chip into a crack, which may affect your vision on the road. Second, a windshield weakened by cracks significantly reduces the structural strength of your vehicle, holding your airbags in place and protecting you in case of a collision.

Apart from merely driving, weather stress contributes to the fast spread of the chips or cracks. If you do not take it for auto glass repair immediately to minimise expenses, it will actually cost you more should the damage worsen.

If you are serious about your safety on the road, Fleet Image Ltd is here to fix your car glass problems and restore its reliability.

From Repairs to Replacements

Our team will assess the issue with meticulous attention to detail. It is our job to spot all signs of damage, bring it to your attention, explain to you the possibilities and guide you with your decision. While we keep your budget in mind, your safety is always our main priority. Whatever recommendation we give you, rest assured it is for the best.

At the Forefront of Innovations

Our flair for revolutionary technologies makes our capabilities unparalleled. We adapt advanced techniques, invest in state-of-the-art equipment and keep our staff updated with the latest solutions to provide car glass repair services that no other shop could deliver.

Feel free to contact us today for enquiries and get an estimate. Drop by our repair centre at your convenience.